If you use your personal cellphone for business purposes, you likely have two main concerns: keeping your personal number private and knowing when an incoming call is business vs. personal. Getting a second phone number that’s dedicated to business use is the simplest way to protect your privacy and to differentiate between your business and personal calls.

Below, we’ll look at why a second phone number is necessary and how it impacts your business. Plus, we’ll explain how to get a second phone number and different tools to help you accomplish it. 

How to get a second phone number without adding a second phone line 

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There are a number of different ways to add a new phone number — and you don’t even need to add a second landline or SIM card to do so. Below, we’ll share a number of different tools to add a number to your existing phone

1. OpenPhone 

OpenPhone is a VoIP phone service that easily adds a work number to your existing mobile phone. To get a second phone number, simply download the OpenPhone app to your phone, then start messaging and placing calls.

With OpenPhone, it’s easy to get a second phone number for business. OpenPhone lets you keep your personal number private. When you work you can simplify your workflows with a dedicated business address book, snippets, and more. 

Plus, you can ensure you’re providing clear expectations with your customer hours by setting up business hours, custom voicemail greetings, and a phone menu. 

You can foster collaboration by letting your teammates internally comment on conversations to ensure your external communication is on point. With its easy-to-use interface, customer service, and advanced features, it’s the simplest way to add a second line.

See how OpenPhone stacks up against other tools to get a second number:

OpenPhone Google VoiceBurnerTextMe
PricingStarts at $10 per month per userStarts at $10 per month per user, plus $6 per month per user Workspace accountStarts at $3.99 per month per numberFree texting, requires in-app purchases to make calls.
Unlimited callingMust earn in-app credits
Voicemail to textXX
Set business hoursXX
Additional phone numbers$5 per numberVariesVaries
Number portingXX
Call recording XX
Shared phone numbersXXX
Dedicated business address bookXX
IVR (phone menu) with extensionsXXX
Team MessagingXXX
Group text messagingUp to 10 contactsUp to 7 contacts
Slack integration XXX
Zapier integrationXX
CRM integrationXXX
iOS and Android apps
Web-based appXX

2. Sign up for a Google Voice account

Google Voice offers two types of accounts — business or personal. While the personal version is free, it doesn’t really offer a second number. Instead, you’ll select a new number for your Google Voice account, then forward phone calls, messages, voicemails, and voicemail transcriptions to your personal phone. Not only is this Band-Aid fix a clunky solution, you also miss out on a number of features you’d expect from a business phone.

Google Voice for Google Workspace is the paid-for, business version. You must have a Google Workspace account to sign up, which adds to your monthly expense. You’ll get a new number, plus other features like call recording, affordable international calling, and call blocking.

3. Download the Burner app 

Burner is a phone number app that allows you to create a new number, then ditch it (yes, just like the paid-for flip phones of the early 00s). The Burner app allows you to create a new local phone number then utilize call forwarding to send voice calls and texts to your existing phone. 

With Burner, you get unlimited calling and messaging, picture messaging, caller ID, and the ability to block and mute contacts. Plus, you can create auto-reply texts, allowing you to set boundaries on your time after hours.

OpenPhone is a better alternative than the Burner app because it offers a number of advanced features that enable team collaboration, like shared phone numbers and team messaging. You also can provide a better customer experience as you can listen back to call recordings, set up a voicemail greeting that plays when your team’s off, and more.  

4. TextMe

TextMe is another mobile app that offers unlimited texts and picture messaging to any United States or Canadian area code, plus 40 other countries in the world. You receive a new number, then place outgoing calls or receive incoming calls from your iPad, cell phone, tablet, or laptop.

With TextMe, you can use multiple numbers (not just one), all managed from one account. Plus, TextMe integrates with Dropbox, allowing you to easily send files or photos from your account. 

Unfortunately, TextMe has several glitches customers should know about. Notifications must be enabled to receive calls and texts. Plus, while TextMe advertises themselves as offering unlimited calls in the United States and Canada, you actually need to earn in-app credits to place free calls.

OpenPhone is a much more user-friendly and transparent platform. First, you get unlimited texts and calling to the U.S. and Canada. It’s also easy to quickly follow up with cusomers using auto-replies and snippets. Best of all, getting up and running takes just a few minutes. 

Why should you get a second phone number

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Getting a second phone number helps you maintain a semblance of a work-life balance. Here are more reasons to get a second number that you may not have considered. 

1. Respect your personal time 

As a small business owner, you often develop personal relationships with clients. Unfortunately, this can lead to texts and voicemails after work hours, which you shouldn’t feel obligated to answer.

2. Know which calls are business or personal

With a second number, it’s easier to keep your personal and business life separate. When the phone rings, you won’t have to guess if it’s for a personal or a business reason. You’ll know exactly which number is receiving an incoming call and can answer accordingly.

3. Protect your personal phone number from clients 

Your personal contact information — whether it’s an email, phone number, or address — is not information you need to share with clients. To respect that boundary, keep your personal number private and use a new number for client communication.

4. Avoid data breaches 

Whenever you enter your contact information into a third-party website, that information is prone to get hacked. If a website undergoes a data breach, hackers will have access to your private number. Enter your business phone number into websites instead to avoid this problem.

5. Sell services 

If you sell products or services on Craigslist, eBay, Etsy, or another website, a second number can help protect your privacy. Use your second number to send and receive text messages and calls from potential buyers. 

6. Field prospect calls online 

Having a business phone number listed on your website allows potential clients to contact you with questions prior to purchase. However, you certainly don’t want to list your personal cell phone on the world wide web. Instead, list your business number to field customer service requests and sales calls

7. Foster a positive company culture 

If you’re an entrepreneur who employs a full staff, you’ll want to foster an environment that separates work from home life. Rather than force your employees to take business calls with their personal cells, add a separate line to employees’ existing mobile phones. Doing so reinforces work hours, encourages communication while respecting privacy, and shows you see and respect employees’ need for work-life separation.

Download OpenPhone to get a second phone number 

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As a small business owner, getting a second phone number is a simple tactic to promote work-life balance. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools you can use to get a second number without another line or SIM card.

While services like Google Voice for business, Burner, and TextMe offer a second number, the services lack a number of features that can make your workday easier. To promote boundaries while making your day more efficient, download the OpenPhone app to your phone.

OpenPhone is the easiest way to add a work number to your existing phone number. Once you download the app, start messaging and calling while enjoying a number of advanced features. Ready to see how OpenPhone can transform your work and life? Try a seven-day free trial.


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