What are auto-replies for iPhones?

You won’t always be able to answer calls as they come in. By setting up auto-replies for your iPhone, you can automatically respond to missed calls with a text message to keep in touch with people who called you. Whether it’s customers or friends calling you, auto-replies can help you get ahead of missed calls and voicemails by letting people know that you’re not available but will get back to them. 

By using auto-replies, you can automatically let the people contacting you know that you received their call, text message, or voicemail, and you will get back to them when you can. This gives them peace of mind and lets them know you’re currently busy or unavailable, but that you will get back to them.

How auto-replies work

iPhones don’t have a built-in auto-reply feature. There are workarounds to setting up auto-replies, but they’re complicated and can take time to set up. The best way to set up iPhone auto-replies is to use a VoIP service with auto-reply features. 

Why you need auto-replies

Auto-replies are useful for businesses for many reasons. By using auto-replies, you can get ahead of missed responses and improve customer service. They are also great at managing customer expectations if you frequently get calls and text messages on the weekend or during off-hours.

Increase your revenue

When you’re busy with a customer or in the middle of something, you may not be able to pick up a phone call. It’s good if the caller leaves a voicemail, but we both know that’s not what always the case. So how do you stay on top of those calls and make sure you don’t miss anything important? With a missed call auto-reply, you’re turning that missed call into a text message thread with a potential client or partner. They’re now far less likely to call the next business on their list. More revenue? That’s a win in our books.

Lets you get ahead of missed responses 

As a small business or startup owner, you’ll likely be responsible for handling incoming calls from customers, investors, friends, and vendors. You won’t be able to answer every single call, so auto-replies can let the people calling you know that you can’t get to them right now and that you’ll call them back when you’re available. 

Better customer service

Your customers don’t like missed calls. When they call a business, they expect you to be readily available to answer their questions. With auto-replies, you can let your customers know that you aren’t available or that it’s outside your business hours. By doing this, your customers will know why you didn’t take their call. Not every customer will be happy because they might want 24/7, but it’s a good way to preemptively manage customer expectations.

Triage communications

If you’re someone spending a lot of time talking to folks via phone and text, you know how important it is to know the context of a phone call. Is it a customer reaching out about an issue? Or a potential client who wants to get started ASAP? Or someone interested in partnering up? With a missed call auto-reply, you get the context of the call and can triage it appropriately and prioritize your work. Less time guessing means more time for important conversations with people you care about.

Auto-reply message examples

It can be tough to know exactly how to craft an auto-reply message. Here are some message templates you can use for your iPhone’s auto-replies.

Missed calls auto-reply

  • “Hey! Sorry, we missed your call. How can we help you?”
  • “Hey, I can’t take your call right now, but I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m available.”
  • “Hey, we can’t take your call right now, but can I answer your questions over text?”

Voicemail auto-reply

  • “Hey! Thanks for leaving a message. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.”
  • “Hi! I got your voicemail. I can’t get to it right now, but I’ll listen to it and call you back when I’m available.”

After business hours incoming message auto-reply

  • “Hello. Thanks for your call. Our business is currently closed and we re-open tomorrow at 8 am EST.”
  • “Thank you for calling [Company]. We aren’t available right now, but will get back to you once we open tomorrow morning.” 

After business hours missed calls auto-reply

  • “Hey! Sorry, we missed your call. We’re currently closed, but we will get back to you by tomorrow morning.”
  • “Hello. Our office is currently closed. We are open from 8 am to 6 pm Monday – Friday.”
  • “Hello, we aren’t available right now but will get back to you once our office re-opens tomorrow morning.”

After business hours voicemail auto-reply

  • “Hey! Thanks for leaving a message. Our office is closed right now, but we’ll get back to you in the morning.”
  • “Hello. Thanks for the voicemail. Once our team is back in the office tomorrow, we’ll respond to your voicemail!”
  • “Hey, thanks for leaving me a message. I’ll get to it when I’m back in the office tomorrow.”
    Check out our guide for more auto-reply text examples.

How to set up auto-replies

To begin setting up auto-replies for your iPhone, open an account on OpenPhone. Once you do, you’ll be able to download the OpenPhone app from the App Store.

Here are the exact steps:

Setting up auto-replies on OpenPhone

Bonus: OpenPhone comes with pre-made auto-replies so if you need some inspiration for what to say, we’ve got you covered. Of course, you can modify as you wish and set your own.

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