We started OpenPhone with a mission to create a simple and delightful business phone. From the very beginning, we’ve been building it with small businesses and startups in mind. Nothing makes us happier than helping fellow entrepreneurs prosper.

The current COVID-19 pandemic impacts everyone and hits small businesses the most. We want to do our part to support small business owners in this challenging time.

Over the last week, we’ve seen many organizations transition to remote work for the first time. We can help make this move much smoother.

If you have a landline or a desk phone, we will port to OpenPhone for free and give you 3 months of free service.

This way, you get to keep your number and use it wherever you are – on your mobile device and computer. Plus, you’ll be able to text with it too.

Send us your latest phone bill to [email protected] and mention ‘3 months free’ in the subject line. We’ll do the rest.

We will take care of the porting process and move your landline to OpenPhone. You’ll be able to use it on your cell phone and computer. Once the porting completes, you can get rid of your landline for good.

We’ve ported phone numbers from virtually all carriers to OpenPhone and have written about the porting process.

Have a question? Text us at 855 746 6304 and we’d love to help.

Want to try OpenPhone first? Get an OpenPhone number and we’ll swap it out for your existing phone number when you decide to port it.

We’re looking into other ways we can support small businesses during this unprecedented time. If you have any ideas or need assistance, let us know.

Stay healthy and safe!

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