Why your business voicemail greeting matters

A professional voicemail greeting for your business can affect how clients view your business. Every day, customers call your business or your employees for any number of reasons: support, sales call, a job interview follow-up and much more. With 97% of business calls now going to voicemail, a voicemail greeting is going to be heard. 

Is the voicemail greeting funny, so your callers think your business is fun? Is it a professional voicemail greeting that gives the impression you only work with Fortune 500 companies? Was your voicemail hastily set up when starting your business, so there’s lots of background noise and other minor sounds? Just like with first impressions when meeting people for the first time, a simple voicemail greeting of just a few seconds affects how customers and clients view you and your business.

Great business voicemail greetings let your clients know you’re dependable, capable and confident. An unprofessional voicemail can do the opposite. If you sound unsure, then your current clients, prospects, and partners won’t be so sure about you either.

If you started your company more than a year ago, it’s likely that you’ve made many changes to your business. It’s time for your voicemail to follow suit. The best business voicemail greetings are friendly, concise and get right to the point. So what is a good voicemail greeting for a business? In this post, we’ll discuss why you need a voicemail greeting and how to record a professional greeting.

P.S. Want to see more samples of a business voicemail greeting? We’ve prepared “21 Professional Voicemail Greeting Examples” just for you.

What makes a great voicemail greeting for business?

As we said earlier, a voicemail greeting can be the first impression someone has of your business. Even though email and text support is increasing for many businesses, there are still many customers who prefer to call your business to get some help or purchase products. When they call your business, they’ll expect to be greeted with a standard business voicemail greeting if you’re unable to take the call.

Here’s a general business voicemail greeting example:

“Thank you for calling [Company/Person’s Name]. We are currently unavailable, but if you leave your name, phone number and message, we will get back to you as soon as possible.”

The above greeting is your run of the mill voicemail greeting that’s considered professional and straight to the point. It’s used by many growing and established businesses because it gets right to the point and doesn’t waste the caller’s time. 

Voicemail greeting ideas for businesses

As your company grows, you’ll likely need to update your voicemail greeting to match. You may want to record it yourself or have a professional voice actor instead.

What are the best business voicemail greeting examples? While many businesses can use the standard voicemail greeting, not everyone’s business wants to be the same as the others. To make it easier to determine the best business voicemail greeting for your business, we put together a few examples of professional voicemail greetings you can use.

Think of the following as business voicemail greeting scripts: 

  • “Hello, thanks for calling [Company]. Our business hours are from [open to close time]. Please leave your name and number, and we will call you back within 24 hours.”
  • “Thank you for calling [Company]. Our representatives are currently unable to take your call. We value your time, so please leave your name, phone number and message after the beep and one of our representatives will call you as soon as they are available. Have a great day.”
  • “Hello, you’ve reached [Person Name] at [Company]. I am currently unavailable. If you need immediate assistance, please contact our support line at [Number]. For all other inquiries, please leave your name and a message and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.”

The above voicemail greetings are just a few examples of scripts you can use for your voicemails. If you need more voicemail samples, here are 21 professional business voicemail examples with audio included.

How to begin recording a professional business voicemail greeting

Now that you have some professional business voicemail greeting examples, how do you actually record it? Depending on the resources you have available, you can record it yourself, use a text-to-speech program or hire a professional voice actor to record a custom business voicemail greeting. 

As your company grows, you’ll likely need to update your voicemail greeting to match. You may want to record it yourself or have a professional voice actor instead.

If you’re a small business, we recommend doing it yourself. If callers will work with you directly, recording the message yourself is ideal. Your callers expect to get in touch with you so hearing another person’s voice may be confusing.

Recording the message yourself doesn’t mean it can’t be done professionally. You can still get studio time with an experienced audio engineer. Studio time can cost $60-$100 per hour, which may or may not come with an engineer. If you need to hire one, their rates are usually $100-$300 an hour. Mind you, their feedback, professional experience and ability to edit the work simultaneously can prove to be well worth the extra expense.

If this is the main business number where callers can speak with one of your team members, consider working with a voiceover professional.

Yes, a professional recording with a voice actor is an extra expense that a small business might not have the budget for. However, the results are almost always exponentially better.

Depending on where you look for a voice actor, you’re looking to spend $100-$400 on average for a full session. In my experience, the average professional studio session from start to finish will take approximately 2 hours, depending on how many scripts you have to record and how prepared you are.

For example, looking at Fiverr for a voice actor would likely be a lot more affordable than looking at a formal voice acting agency. This is due to the competitive rates and how fast the work gets turned over with a freelance platform artist compared to a third-party contracted artist.

How to record a voicemail greeting yourself

If you’re ready to record your voicemail on your own. Here are 5 things to keep in mind. If you’ve decided to outsource your recording to an artist, feel free to skip this part and go to “3 professional voice recording services for your business” to find where you can look to hire a professional.

1. Practice your voicemail greeting

Ensure to articulate, annunciate and speak slowly and clearly. Don’t wing it. What’s more annoying than being unprepared? Doing business with someone who isn’t – don’t be that person.

Practicing your spiel and speaking with authority lets your caller know how confident, qualified and ready you are. The goal is to sound like you’ve been doing this for years, not a few minutes.

2. Be personable

Whether it’s your business, personal or support voicemail, being personable is the key to having your caller look forward to receiving your callback. This means using different intonations in your voice to convey enthusiasm.

A monotone voice can be a turn off for a caller. You want your caller to feel like they missed out on speaking with you when listening to your voicemail, not like the dodged a bullet.

3. Be positive

Being positive in your scripting is necessary. Take it a step further by simply just smiling while you record your voicemail. Try it! Choose a script from the options above and record yourself saying it with a smile and one without a smile – you will hear the drastic difference in your voice.

Which person would you rather get a call back from? The one who smiles or the ones who don’t?

Check out the following samples: One voicemail was recording while I was smiling, the other when I kept a neutral facial expression. Can you tell the difference? I bet you can!

Version 1: I am smiling during this recording, can you tell?
Version 2: I have a neutral expression during this recording. Makes a pretty big difference right?

4. Keep it short

Nobody wants to listen to a long-winded voicemail. Does it mean a conversation with you will also be long-winded? Hopefully not, but that’s the impression you’re sending. Keep it short, simple and concise. A greeting should pique a client’s interest, leave them wanting more and looking forward to hearing back from you.

One of the most important things is to make sure to state your company name so your caller knows they called the right number.

5. Ask for details

Nobody wants to play “phone tag”. Skip the back and forth by recommending your caller to leave not only their name and number but the best day and time to reach them. Your clients will appreciate you not wanting to waste their time.

3 professional voice recording services for your business

If you’re ready to go the professional direction – congratulations! Here are some websites you can use to hire your own professional.

Many of these sites offer to write your greeting to you, or you can write your own. You can even collaborate with a professional to create the perfect voicemail. Whatever you decide, there are many options to suit your needs.

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a popular freelance service anyone can use to get professional services – in this case, personalized voicemail greetings! On Fiverr, you first check out the freelancer’s work samples so you can get a gist of their work and if it suits your company.

We’ve used Fiverr before and based on how quickly we got the work and how affordable it was, we would recommend the service. Keep in mind, it’s not as hands-on because you’re not with the artist or the engineer in the studio giving direct feedback. Due to this, you could end up with a project that’s not 100% what you had in mind.

From our experience, it took over 36 hours of work between submitting the script and getting the final result. The cost was ~$115 for the final project. If 36 hours is too long, you could also pay a little extra to get it done within 24 hours depending on how time-sensitive your project is.

You can also see feedback and reviews from buyers like you so you’re not going in with a blind eye. After browsing around, choose the package that best fits your needs. Lastly, you can contact the freelancer with any questions to make sure they are aligned with your expectations.

It’s that easy!

2. On Air Recordings

OnAir Recordings has been providing recording services since 1992. Their service is pretty simple and straightforward: You choose the voice actor that you like and upload the voicemail script you’ve chosen. They record your project and then you download it. Need guidance on your script, tone and structure? They have services for that too.

They recommend you order professional voicemail greetings through the site and describe the tone or voice direction that you prefer for the greeting. They also offer other helpful notes like word pronunciations, etc.

3. Voices

Voices.com connects you with over 200,000 voice talents. The talent will send you an audition and an estimated quote to complete the work. Then you listen to the auditions and select your preferred talent and begin work on the job.

As an added bonus, posting a job on Voices.com is always free. They also have a VoiceMatch™ algorithm to match your job to only the most qualified voice talent.

Need your voicemail recording as soon as possible? Depending on the complexity of your job you can receive your final audio files in as little as a day.

Whatever method you choose, it’s important to be prepared and informed. If you’re ready to record your own voicemail greeting or have a few ready to upload, that’s great! You can do that with OpenPhone – a business phone app for startups, small businesses and individuals.

Manage business voicemail greetings with OpenPhone

Ready to record your business voicemail for your OpenPhone number? You can find detailed instructions here. Already recorded it? Well, if you’re using OpenPhone and made the recording in the app, you’re all set. Just select it and that’s it!

If you have an audio file of your recording, send it to [email protected]

OpenPhone allows you to upload as many voicemail recordings as you need for you and your team, always making it easy to change and update.

Congrats, now you’re the expert on recording the perfect professional business voicemail greeting. Be sure to share with your colleagues the importance of their voicemail greeting – you never know who’s calling!


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