OpenPhone vs Google Voice

Google Voice is a consumer product. OpenPhone is built for modern businesses.

Professionals at the world's leading companies choose OpenPhone for their communications

Don't take our word for it.

We've asked hundreds of people who have switched from Google Voice to OpenPhone to share their reasons. They gave us a handful of clear answers that should help you.
Jonathon Barkl
Co-Founder and CEO @AirGarage
"We switched over from Google Voice and OpenPhone's UI is so much more thoughtful and geared toward productivity. We're loving the new support for multiple users on our team, how easy it is to add additional phone numbers, and the new web / Android apps."
Nicholas Bentley
Founder and CEO
"I first signed up for OpenPhone to get off of Google Voice for their poor call quality and buggy app. I was instantly happy with my decision back then, because OpenPhone just worked.

Fast forward to today; I could not be more happy with my decision to move to OpenPhone. Reliability has remained exceptional, but more importantly the feature set available to my business now far outweighs that of Google Voice."
Daeshawn Ballard
Founder and CEO
@Real Estate Optics
"After using Google Voice, I appreciate that OpenPhone is made specifically for business.

I enjoy that every interaction with a customer is available in a single thread. Google Voice has call history, voicemail, and messages spread out across 3 different tabs making it hard to stay on top of things.

I love the feature set (recording calls, the custom way of setting up a contact, the way the mobile app is slick and intuitive) of OpenPhone, and the constant improvements. It's great that my business phone provider is growing with me."

Built for all your devices.

With OpenPhone you can reliably talk and text on all your devices - phone, tablet, and desktop.

Feature comparison.

While it's nice to check those boxes, we want to make sure you actually enjoy using OpenPhone. So give it a try and see what you think.
Google Voice
Local US phone numbers
Toll-free (1-800) phone numbers
Talk and text to the US & Canada
Shared phone numbers for teams
Phone menu / auto-attendant / IVR
Business hours and availability settings
Separate business address book
Mark unread and done
Saved replies and auto-replies
Dedicated customer support

Share access to your business phone with your team

With Google Voice, you can't share access to your phone number with colleagues.
For your business phone, you’ll want to be able to invite team members to help you respond to calls and messages.
With OpenPhone, everyone can call and text from the same number. Every message shows who sent it - no more guessing. You can even see when someone is typing.

Stay on top of your relationships

Google Voice connects to your personal address book and doesn't provide a separate list for professional contacts.
OpenPhone comes with a dedicated business address book. It's enriched with custom properties (like tags) so you can add any information you want to have handy when communicating.
You can connect OpenPhone to your personal contacts too, if you'd like. Or upload your contact list from another service via a CSV file.

Control when you get business calls.

Google Voice app doesn’t make it easy to set your business hours and you can’t set a separate after-hours greeting.
At OpenPhone, we care about your well-being and mental health. Don't get disruptive calls when you're not working - set your business hours.
You can also set auto-replies to any calls or texts that come in after hours to let people know you're unavailable.

Know exactly when it's a business call.

With Google Voice, you sometimes can’t tell the difference business and personal calls. 
With OpenPhone, it’s always crystal clear.
Plus, if you have multiple phone numbers in your OpenPhone account, you'll be able to see what phone is being called.
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Use your phone everywhere you go

Google Voice is a US-based service offering only local US phone numbers.
OpenPhone offers US, Canadian and 1-800 toll-free numbers. It works anywhere you go. All you need is an Internet connection.
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Get the support you need.

Google Voice doesn’t provide any customer support. You’re on your own and have to search for answers on Reddit.
At OpenPhone we offer dedicated customer support through text, chat, and email.
94.7% of folks we talk to give us 5/5 stars for customer experience.

OpenPhone is built for business.

Google does not recommend business use of Google Voice (from the Google Voice support forum).
OpenPhone is built specifically for entrepreneurs and professionals and grows with your needs.
Google Voice is rarely updated. At OpenPhone we're moving quickly and launching new features based on your feedback every 2-3 weeks.

Port your number to OpenPhone

Have an existing phone number with Google Voice or another service? We can port it into OpenPhone for you, for free.