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OpenPhone vs Google Voice

Google Voice is a consumer product. OpenPhone is built specifically for growing businesses.
Google Voice is a consumer product. OpenPhone is built specifically for growing businesses.
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Rated 4.7 stars on the App Store
Jonathon Barkl
Co-Founder and CEO @AirGarage
Loving the app so far. Switched over from Google Voice and OpenPhone has a much better UI and is all around much faster. Would love support for multiple users on a team and ability to mark tickets as done in the future.
Nicholas Bentley
CEO @ Merus
I messaged OpenPhone about potentially porting over a Google Voice number and they let me know that it could be done & how to initiate the process. I set up a temporary number in OpenPhone and took the plunge. A week later, and my number was in OpenPhone and working as expected (actually better than expected, given my Google Voice headaches).

Thanks, OpenPhone!
Ricardo Normand
Trying @OpenPhoneApp trial period and I am really well impressed with the quality of the app and the voice connection. Looks like a real mobile voice connection (little better to be honest) using 4G.  Kudos. Your US business number easily and quickly.

OpenPhone vs Google Voice

Google Voice is a consumer product with no support.
OpenPhone is for business and you can always talk to us.
You get what you pay for.
Google Voice
Toll-free phone numbers
Multiple phone numbers in 1 app
Business hours to control when you get calls
Works outside of the US
Dedicated customer support

Toll-free numbers so you look big.

Google Voice doesn’t offer toll-free phone numbers.
OpenPhone lets you choose from a huge selection of toll-free business phone numbers.
You can even port your own toll-free number if you already have one.

Control when you get business calls.

Google Voice mobile app doesn’t offer business hours and you can’t set an after-hours greeting.
OpenPhone comes with business hours and an after-hours greeting so you look and sound great.
Don’t get business calls when you’re not working and look professional to your callers.

Know exactly when it's a business call.

With Google Voice, you sometimes can’t tell the difference business and personal calls. 
With OpenPhone, it’s always crystal clear.
When your phone rings, just look for the “OpenPhone” label under the number,
and you’ll know it’s a business call.

Works anywhere in the world.

Google Voice is a US-based service and doesn’t work reliably outside of the US.
OpenPhone works everywhere you go. All you need is an Internet connection (wifi or data).


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Multiple phone numbers
in one app.

With Google Voice, you can't have multiple numbers in one app. You have to create multiple accounts, then sign out and back in each time.
For your business phone, you’ll want to be able to have separate phone numbers for sales, support, add a 1-800 number or get local numbers for areas you serve.
OpenPhone supports having up to 5 numbers in one app. 

OpenPhone comes with  customer support.

Google Voice doesn’t provide any customer support. You’re on your own and have to search for answers on forums.
At OpenPhone we offer dedicated customer support through phone, chat, and email.
You can also text us right through the app if you need anything.

OpenPhone is built for business.

Google does not recommend business use of Google Voice (from the Google Voice support forum)
OpenPhone is built specifically for entrepreneurs and professionals. 

Port any phone number to OpenPhone

Have an existing phone number with Google Voice or another service? We can port it into OpenPhone for you, for free.
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