OpenPhone vs Line2

Line2 is a second phone number service. OpenPhone is a new kind of business phone system for startups and small businesses.

Professionals at the world's leading companies choose OpenPhone for their communications

Don't take our word for it.

Hundreds of people have switched their phone service from Line2 to OpenPhone. So we asked them to share why. They gave us a handful of answers that should help you.
Desirée Alarie
Powell Property Group
"OpenPhone not only has reliable coverage (it always works), a simple and intuitive app and super easy number porting process, it also has, hands-down, the friendliest customer service I have ever experienced from a web-based service provider."
Candace Chapple
Certified Destination Wedding Specialist, Destination Weddings Canada
"When I used Line2, clients often complained that they couldn’t hear me properly, or that our call would get dropped. After one too many of these problems, I started to seek-out a new provider for my business line.

When I discovered OpenPhone I was immediately impressed: great reviews, a straightforward app with lots of information and support available online. Moving my 1-800 number from Line2 to OpenPhone was fast, easy and convenient.

The quality of the OpenPhone app is far superior to any other option I have seen. I am particularly impressed by how thorough their customer service is. I feel like they value my opinion, and are constantly working to update, improve and expand their product."
Mike Gaspar
Chief Operating Officer (COO), HealthCasa Limited
"OpenPhone's product is much more user friendly. The iPhone and Android apps seamlessly integrate with all peripherals and the connection quality is great. The desktop app makes texting customers super easy.

From the moment we started speaking to OpenPhone about switching to their service, their team was extremely helpful and transparent, their communication was excellent through the entire switching process, and they continue to be helpful."

Built for all your devices.

With OpenPhone you can reliably talk and text on all your devices - phone, tablet, and desktop.

Feature comparison.

While checking boxes is great, we are not your typical VoIP service. We want to make sure you actually enjoy using OpenPhone. So give it a try and see what you think.
Local US phone numbers
Toll-free numbers
Extra $9.95/mo each
Talk & text to the US & Canada
Shared phone numbers for teams
Phone menu / auto-attendant / IVR
Business hours and availability settings
Separate business address book
Call forwarding
Call recording
Voicemail transcription
Saved replies and auto-replies
Slack & email integrations
Pricing (monthly)
$10 per user
$14.95 per user

Share access to your business phone with your team

With Line2, you can set up an auto-attendant to direct calls to your team members. With OpenPhone you can do that, too. But what happens to text messages?
For your business phone number, you'll want to make sure your team can both call and message from a shared number.
With OpenPhone, your team members can share responsibility for the phone number. Every call shows who placed it. Every message shows who sent it. You can even see when someone is typing.

Stay on top of your business relationships

Line2 connects to your personal address book and doesn't provide a separate list for professional contacts.
OpenPhone comes with a dedicated business address book. It's enriched with custom properties (like tags) so you can add any information you want to have handy when communicating.
You can connect OpenPhone to your personal contacts too, if you'd like. Or upload your contact list from another service via a CSV file.


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Convenient, modern support

Line2 provides email and phone support.
At OpenPhone we offer customer support through text, chat, and email. Yes, you can text us right from the app. And yes, we use our own product so we'd be thrilled to share our own tips for making the most of it.
94.7% of folks we talk to give us 5/5 stars for customer experience.

OpenPhone is built for growing businesses.

Line2 is best suited for small business owners and freelancers who want a 2nd phone line that isn't critical to their business.
OpenPhone is built for growing businesses that need a phone system that can scale. As you grow, OpenPhone grows with you.
Line2 is rarely updated (unless you consider once a year sufficient). At OpenPhone, we launch new features based on your feedback every 2-3 weeks.

Port your number to OpenPhone

Have an existing phone number with Line2 or another service? We can port it into OpenPhone for you, for free.