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How do startups use OpenPhone?
OpenPhone is built to be incredibly easy to set up and scale with you as you grow.

Main company number

  • Keep your personal number private: Prevent endless cold calls and spam to your cell.

  • Share your number with co-founders: Split responsibility fielding calls and texts.

  • Make your startup look more established: Use phone menus, auto-replies, and other tools to stay on top of conversations.

Just a piece of advice. I used my personal cell number as the company number and I still regret it a decade later (I get so many stupid calls). Don't do what I did. I wish I had this service like 10 years ago!
Michael Seibel
Michael Seibel
CEO at Y Combinator

The business phone that grows with your startup

  • The easiest tool you'll set up for your business: OpenPhone is built to be incredibly easy to set up and scale with you as you grow.

  • Keep your current number: Have an existing business phone you want to use with OpenPhone? We'll port it over for free.

  • One less open browser tab: All calls, texts, and voicemails are in one place so everything is easy to find.


Work together on customer communications

  • Shared numbers: Multiple people can call and text from one phone number to share the load. 🔥

  • Stay in sync: Get full visibility into who's on a call, who sent what message, and who's typing.

  • No "busy" tone: Your team can place calls from the same shared number simultaneously.


Integrate your phone number with your stack

  • Save hours: Auto-complete repetitive tasks by connecting OpenPhone to 3,000+ apps via Zapier.

  • Track all touchpoints with our HubSpot integration: Sync contacts, push call recordings to HubSpot, and more.

  • Get real-time updates in Slack: Send incoming text messages, voicemail transcripts, and missed call notifications to any Slack channel.

Why startups love OpenPhone

Constantly improving

We don't believe in the status quo and look for ways to improve our platform with each update.


Top-notch support

94.7% of customers rate us 5/5 stars for customer experience. We're here to help if you need anything.


Simple pricing

No surprises, no hidden fees. We prefer simple and transparent.

Used by the next generation of startups
Having a tight feedback loop with our users is all that matters. OpenPhone allows us to stay super close to our most important users in a fun and beautifully-designed way. I can't recommend the app enough to product teams, creators or sales folks that want to stay close to their customers.
Jayme Hoffman
Jayme Hoffman
Founder at Newzip
Don't just take our word for it
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"Much more than a business phone. Better contacts, better relationships, better business."
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"Powerful, reliable, simple to use! It works."
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