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OpenPhone is a mobile app that adds a second phone number on your existing device.

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World's best business phone app.

We rebuilt the business phone from the ground up for those of you who want the best. OpenPhone is the simplest, most delightful, and rapidly innovating business phone in the world.
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Set up in under 30 seconds

Get a local or toll-free phone number in the US and Canada in under 30 seconds. Already have a number? Port it over.

Simple and beautiful mobile app

We take away the hassle of owning a business phone by giving you a simple, fast, and delightful app you will love.

Affordable and transparent pricing

Get all the features you need to be great at what you do. All from an app on your existing phone.

Keep your personal phone number, personal.

Put your business phone number on your business cards, website, Google, Facebook, Yelp and other listings without worrying about giving up your privacy and receiving spam calls.
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Local and toll-free phone numbers

Find your perfect number in the largest database of phone numbers available throughout the US and Canada.

Port your existing phone number

Already own a phone number with another carrier? We can port it over to OpenPhone.

Own multiple phone numbers

Need more than one phone number for your business? Add more phone numbers to your account instantly.
Michael Seibel
CEO, Y Combinator

“Just a piece of advice. I used my personal cell number as the company number and I still regret it a decade later (I get so many stupid calls). Don’t do what I did. I wish I had a service like this 10 years ago!”

Amazing calling and messaging experience.

OpenPhone gives you unlimited calling and texting from your business phone number to any US or Canadian mobile phone or landline.
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High quality calls over internet or carrier

Make or receive calls from your business phone number to any US or Canadian mobile phone or landline.

Text and picture messaging

Send or receive SMS and MMS right through the app using your business phone number.

Voicemail to text transcription

Read your voicemail just like a text message. OpenPhone transcribes your voicemail messages right away.
John Pyle

“Texts and call all day and night. It’s amazing and does exactly what you think it should do. Designed for people just like me. Let’s you send pictures, texts, phone calls, and forwarding to another number if need be. Highly recommend.”

Complete control over your business line.

Customize your phone line to fit your needs. From setting your business hours, to having a professional voicemail greeting, you are in control of everything about your phone number right through the OpenPhone app.
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Control when to receive calls

Set your business hours or go offline momentarily to never receive calls when you don't want to.

Distinguish business and personal calls

Differentiate between your personal and business calls to respond to them appropriately.

Look and sound more professional

Set your own professional voicemail greeting, send after-hour callers to a special voicemail and more features to make you sound great.
Cari Mott

"I run a private practice by myself and having this service has been so helpful in keeping my business and personal phone use separate. I have the number on all my marketing and am able to use different away messages based on what I’m doing. Customer Support is amazing! They’re always releasing new features and I love it!"

Over 2,000 happy customers.
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