The new phone for business.

Simple and delightful business phone app for startups, small businesses and individuals.

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Keep personal
numbers personal.

Get a supercharged business phone number instead. Use OpenPhone to assign numbers to individuals and teams in your company.

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Phone numbers for individuals

Give the members within your company their own supercharged business phone numbers.

Phone numbers for groups

Give multiple members in your company access to the same business phone number.

US, Canadian, toll-free, or bring your own

Find the perfect phone number or port your existing one to OpenPhone for free. We've been porting a lot and we enjoy every single one ;)

Unlimited messaging and calling.

Use OpenPhone on mobile or desktop anywhere you are in the world.

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Know it's a business call

No surprises. Know when it's a business or personal call.

Voicemail to text

We transcribe your voicemail and text them to you to save you from having to replay an audio 5 times.

Keyboard shortcuts

OpenPhone is built to save you time. Get through your inbox quickly using  keyboard shortcuts on the web.

Business hours

Set your business hours, avoid calls when you are off.

Mark unread and done

Remove the clutter in your inbox and never forget to respond to an important message.

Search Coming Soon

Find any contact, message, voicemail or call transcript instantly.

Shared numbers.coming soon

Share access to phone numbers with other people in your company. Collaborate on calls and messages on all your devices in real time.

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Respond as a team

Team up on responding to calls and messages.

Assign conversations

Every conversation has an owner so that nothing falls through the cracks.

Full visibility

Always know what's going on so you can focus on your craft.

Integrated into your tools.coming soon

We wanted to make it easy to connect the phone into other tools you already use.

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