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How do small businesses use OpenPhone?
OpenPhone provides all the phone features businesses need to strengthen customer relationships and grow.

Service-based businesses

  • Share your number: Give colleagues access to your business phone number so you can serve your customers faster.

  • Auto-finish routine work: Send automatic confirmation texts when someone books an appointment and more with our Zapier integration.

  • One inbox for conversations: Effortlessly review the phone and text communication history in a single space.

We have tried a handful of other phone systems and had issues with all of them. Unfortunately, they are built for hundreds of people in a call center, not two people in different offices. This makes it so the most basic tasks are over-engineered, causing us more headaches. OpenPhone has simplified our workflow since switching.
Brandon Neff
Brandon Neff
Manager at Quality Exterminators

The most small-business friendly phone

  • Works across devices: Call and text from any mobile device or computer.

  • Move over any existing number: Port your phone number to OpenPhone for free.

  • Manage numbers and users: Easily add phone numbers and designate who on your team has access to them.

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Collaborate on customer communications

  • Shared numbers: Multiple people can call and text from one phone number to share the load. 🔥

  • Keep in touch: See who's on a call, who sent what message, and who's typing.

  • No "busy" tone: Your team can place calls from a shared number at the same time.


Work with tools you already use

  • Take more off your plate: Automate repetitive tasks with our Zapier integration.

  • Stay in sync: Connect OpenPhone with HubSpot to sync contacts, communication history, and more.

  • Easily add your existing contacts: Import contacts from Gmail or bulk upload using a .CSV file.

Why small businesses love OpenPhone

Constantly improving

Check out our changelog to see what's new and let us know what you'd like to see in the product.


Top-notch support

Any questions? We're here to help. Text us on OpenPhone or email us.


Simple pricing

With OpenPhone, you know exactly what you pay for — no surprises, no hidden fees.

Used by thousands of businesses
OpenPhone provides a one-stop shop for all my small business telephone needs. I am thoroughly impressed with the OpenPhone app. It is simple to use and provides all the functions I need to run my small business.
Michael H. Chen
Attorney & Owner at Chen Law Group
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