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Calls (US, Canada)
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Phone numbers
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1 local or toll-free
Additional phone numbers
$5/month per assignment
$5/month per assignment
Port phone numbers from other carriers
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How does it work?
OpenPhone uses Internet to provide you with additional phone numbers on top of your existing devices. Download OpenPhone on your mobile or use it on the web to make and receive calls and messages.
What devices do you support?
OpenPhone works on mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop.
Does OpenPhone use my phone plan’s minutes?
No. OpenPhone uses your Internet connection - wifi or data. This allows you to use the service anywhere in the world.
How good is the call quality?
On a strong Internet connection you’ll have great call quality, even better than your carrier. We offer a free trial so you can try it and see for yourself.
What countries can I call and text?
You can call and text any US and Canadian phone numbers.
Can I use OpenPhone with my team?
Yes. See pricing section above for details around features available to companies and teams.
Can I distinguish between business and personal calls?
Yes. OpenPhone calls show up differently so you’ll be able to know when you get business calls. Here is what this looks like.
What number will my customers see when I call?
Your OpenPhone number. Your personal phone number stays private.


What are my payment options?
We accept all major credit and debit cards. Annual subscription fees can be paid by ACH upon request.
What currency can I pay in?
At this time, we can only receive payment in US Dollars ($).
How does adding and removing users work?
When you add users, your account will be charged a prorated amount based on the percentage of the billing cycle left at the time each user was added. If you remove users, your account will be credited in the same way.
Can I cancel my account at any time?
Yes. If you ever decide that OpenPhone isn’t the best fit for you or your company, cancel right from the app or admin dashboard.

Phone Numbers

What types of phone numbers do you offer?
We offer local US, Canadian, and toll-free phone numbers
Can I use my own phone number?
Yes. We can port your current number to OpenPhone for free. Learn more here.
Can I change my OpenPhone number?
Yes. You can change your number right from your admin dashboard.
Can I get multiple numbers on the same account?
Yes. You can get as many phone numbers as you like and use them all on any of your devices.

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