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Simplest way to own a business phone number

Add a second phone number on top of your existing mobile device along with powerful features to put you in charge

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4.8 star rating
Serving 4,000+ businesses

How it works

30-second sign-up because your time is money

1. Download OpenPhone

Available on iPhone, iPad and Android.

2. Get a phone number

Local or toll-free in the US or Canada. Already have a phone number? we can port it over.

3. Start talking and texting

You are done! Use OpenPhone app to call or text any phone number in the US and Canada.

“Just a piece of advice. I used my personal cell number as the company number and I still regret it a decade later (I get so many stupid calls). Don’t do what I did. I wish I had a service like this 10 years ago!”

Michael Seibel
Y Combinator

Unlimited Talk and Text

Across the entire US and Canada

Distinguish business calls

So you know when calls are for business or personal


89% of customers prefer messaging a business. Chances are you prefer to receive texts too.

Voicemail with transcription

Read your voicemail just like a text message, or listen to the audio. Up to you.

Works anywhere you go

Your phone number works everywhere you have an internet connection.

Built for Your Business

Your business phone should do more than talk and text

Set your availability

Go on Do Not Disturb or set your business hours to control when you'd like to receive calls.

Share responsibility with your team coming soon

Team up on your customer communications to deliver better service and be more productive.

Personalize your phone

Add your own brand and flavour to make your business look professional and big.

4,000+ business owners can't be wrong

“Using OpenPhone talk and texting is very simple, affordable, and makes our business run smoother with the ability to share a number on multiple phones!”

Damion Parker
Mobile Caterer

“OpenPhone has quickly become a must-have tool for my business. It is my go-to talk and text solution to stay in touch with all of my clients.”

Emily Ptak
Digital Marketer

“Setup was very easy. Excellent customer service too. I travel between the US and Canada and OpenPhone has allowed me to make this completely transparent to my clients.”

Aiko Thurlow

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Start Free TrialDownload
4.8 star rating
Serving 4,000+ businesses

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